If you are looking to prank your friends or close family member with lots of SMS or calls? Or want to send lots of spam messages to make them annoying? Then there is the right answer about this, bomb it up. Bombitup is a text bomber app. The app lets you make prank with your friends and make fun among your circle. This is called SMS bomber apk for android device. The app itself is heavy loaded with so many amazing features by which you can get cramps in your stomach.

What a great app. The app is developed by Indians. But the app is quite popular globally. Now the app is not only supporting in India but in UK and US also. By the word, you can understand the meaning. The bomb means it sounds like a disaster making bomb, but it is not that kind of bomb.

The app is not only capable of bombing text messaging but it will enable you in bombing emails too. Every good thing comes with some sort of limitation of rules and regulations.

Another best thing about the app is, you can protect yourself from being bombed by messages. Here are the steps given below how you can do it.

Everything is not free in the app you have to buy with credits. So if you want the best prank making app this is the right one. But if you want to make some more fun with this app then you will have to pay credits for this and then you can enjoy all the features.

Note: You will get some sort of restriction on the app. You have to face it on your own. Use the app in limitation.

Below I am going to share the features of bombitup app SMS bomber apk.
Then bomb it now. Check out the cool features below and start making fun with your friends today.

Features Of BOMBitUP APP Latest APK:

We will be going to provide real value of this app. Enjoy the features of latest version of BOMBitUP apk mod.

Let’s start:

Self Protect – To protect yourself from bombing with messages and emails this feature is taken place. This will protect your number from getting bombed. This feature will help you keep safe from messages and even from email floods.
SMS Blast India, USA & UK – Use BOMBitUP to blast anyone’s mobile with unlimited sms and emails.

Custom Message Support – You can use the way2sms gateway and you can send unlimited messages to anyone’s phone number. For doing this, you must have the way2sms account. Don’t worry it is free.

Email Bombing – Flood someone email inbox with unlimited emails until you get blocked.. Then the notification sound may irritate the user.

Isn’t the app is exciting?

In-app Updates: To update you have to visit the new site to get the new updates. But it takes too much time. You can also subscribe to the push notification to get the early access to the latest version.


The above are some of the exiting features of SMS bomber app which is extra enough to make you fun among friends. Also to prank someone. Now after knowing all the features and functionality of the bombitup app don’t waste your time just download the app.

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