Panda Helper For Android and iOS

Have you noticed that the features of any kind of premium smartphone app is impeccable compared to its free version? Well, this is the reason why everybody lives to use premium apps than any free app ever.

But, premium app are not free. Because they are premium, right? 😂

Wait. What if I tell you, there is a free source of premium android & iOS apps what allows its users to download any kind of application from its database for free? 😱

Yesss! Its true.

Well, then it is the time to introduce you to the Panda Helper. Panda Helper is a 3rd party appstore for both Android & iOS devices which provides freemium applications.

About Panda Helper

Tired of Google Play Store and Apple App Store which require you to pay then in order to download any premium app? No worries, we have got it covered. Let us introduce you to the Panda Helper App which is one of the best third party app store which offers premium apps to its users for free.

Panda Helper was first launched along with the famous app TuTu App Helper. It is also believed that the developer of the both the apps is a single person.

None like other app, Panda Helper App comes very handy when you are looking for any kind of premium apps for free. It doesn’t requires you to pay in order to download the apps.

Also, there are quite a number of useful apps available on Panda Helper which can help you in your day to day tasks.

There are a lot more features than to these. Just scroll below to find more.

Features of Panda Helper

  • Free To Download – You won’t need to pay any kind of money to download the Panda Helper App. It is absolutely free to download. You can also download the app from this page on Tekhxpert.

  • Great User Interface – The Interface of Panda Helper app is very user friendly. Every app is pre-assigned to its respective category and you won’t face any kind of hassle while finding and downloading them.

  • All The Apps Are Free – As the Panda Helper itself is free, the apps in it are too. I have already mentioned this before and repeating again. Downloading the premium apps from Panda Helper will not burn a hole in your pocket. Because they are absolutely free.

  • Durable and Safe To Use – None of the third party apps we see today promises its users of vast safety while using them. But, Panda Helper does. It has been tested by both Android & iOS Developers and proved safe and durable to use on any kind of device. Which in other hand means it is totally virus free.

  • No Root or jailBreak Required – There won’t be any necessity of having any rooted android device or jailbreak iOS device. You will be able to install the Panda Helper Apk without any problem on your smartphone.

  • Updated Regularly – All the apps available on Panda Helper Apk are updated at a regular interval of time. When there will be an update for any app, you will receive a short notification from the Panda Helper.

Pretty much of everything? Now let’s head to the How To Download & Install instructions section.

How To Download Panda Helper Apk For Android?

Well, it’s kind of very much easy. You just have to download the following Panda Helper APk file according to your device. Below are the two apk files for both Android & iOS. You can download the apk file as per your need.

Download Panda Helper Apk for Android

How To Install Panda Helper Apk?

Well, now as you have downloaded the Panda Helper Apk, it is time to install them. Follow the below written instructions to install the Panda Helper Apk on your smartphone.

For Android

  • Go to your device’s Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Tap on Allow Installation From Unknown Sources.
  • Make sure that you have enabled this option in order to install the apk.
  • After then, go to the designated memory folder where you have downloaded the Panda Helper Apk, open the file and tap on installl.

Hurray! It has been installed on your device now.

How To Download Panda Helper For iOS Device & Install It

For downloading and installing the Panda Helper, you must follow the instructions carefully. If there is any kind of exception following the instructions, the app may not install itself at all.

  • First of all, open safari browser. Click on the Install button below.

Install Button Link & Command  –


  • After a pop up appears, it will prompt you to hit the Install button. Do it!

  • Wait for sometimes to the installation process to be completed.

  • After it is installed, go to your device’s Settings > General > Profile & Device Management.

  • Find the profile named “ FTX Technologies ” and you have to Trust It.

  • When the pop up will appear again, you have to tap on the “Trust It” button again.

Well then, you are now all set. You can now easily browse through the Panda Helper app and download and install your favorite apps. All you have to do is to search the app. 😁


Well, I guess I have elaborated the downloading and installation process of the Panda Helper Apk in whole. You can go ahead and follow the above written instruction to download & install the Panda Helper apk. If you have any kind of doubts or facing any problems while executing the instructions, feel free to comment it down here. We will be happy to help.

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