Youtube Vanced Apk Download

Youtube has one of its popular modded version named Youtube Vanced. The app is loaded with full of useful and interesting features such as Background Playback, Dark Theme and Ad-free music. It can be installed both in rooted devices as well as non-rooted devices, the only difference is that the Youtube Vanced Apk in the rooted device has plenty of customisable features. For Youtube Vanced Apk Download read the details or go directly here.

Features of Youtube Vanced:

  • Although it is not the premium version of Youtube still it provides you most of the premium features for free.
  • Blocks advertisements and lets you to hear an ad-free and hassle-free music.
  • Enables you play the music background and do some other work at the same time.
  • It also plays song when your device is locked, thereby letting you to save your device’s battery.
  • Pinch to zoom in any smartphone model, thereby occupying the complete screen.
  • It also has an interesting feature, PIP Mode: Picture-In-Picture Mode.
  • It includes Black, Dark and White themes between which you can switch according to your need.
  • You can swipe on the screen  for changing volume and brightness.

Youtube Vanced on Non-Rooted Device:

This is great for your android Smartphones or Tablets. Although it has no root permissions still it provides you some of the most stunning features. The only problem is that you have to install a module named MicroG which enables the sign in with your google account option, else the apk won’t let you to sign in.

Youtube Vanced on Rooted Devices:

The user gets a full-fledged version of the Youtube Vanced APK without permission of the manufacturer because his root permission is enabled. For install the APK you need to download some specific recommended files and flash those. Keep in mind that your TWRP is settled in your device before installing Youtube Vanced.

How to Download and Install Youtube Vanced: Non-Rooted Devices:

  • First of all, download the apk by clicking here.
  • Now, if “Install from Unknown Sources” is not enabled then enable it first.
  • After its over, install the Youtube Vanced APK.
  • Now again click here to download the MicroG module which will help you to sign in with your google account.
  • After that, install the MicroG module.
  • Now you are ready to rock with your Youtube Vanced APK.

How to Download and Install Youtube Vanced: Rooted Devices:

  • First of all, download the official installer by clicking here.
  • Now you need to select the appropriate Youtube Vanced APK which you want to install on your rooted device.
  • After all these stuffs, move the downloaded APK to sdcard/downloads or into the package installation zip.
  • Uninstall all the updates of the official Youtube APK and disable the auto-update feature from Play Store.
  • You are now just a step away from installing Youtube Vanced APK on your Rooted Device.
  • Now, Flash the Installer in the TWRP.
  • You are all set with Youtube Vanced APK installed on your Rooted Android Device!

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